There are no feelings within

the Walls of the mind

Complete thoughts firing synapses

through flesh and muscle
The brain functions as a
mechanical device
housing memories like a computer
constantly downloading
worthless data
Secret storage spaces of environmental
and instinctual reactions
That guide the responses of self from subconscious afflictions to
Questions we ask ourselves over and over
Age isn’t a relevant factor within
The epiphany
Only the progressing stages of heartache and pain do we recognize
Chapters building up to tell a shaded view of the stories
This idea of a place for the outcasts to introduce the variety of life that exist outside the Walls
And what that means to the World
The Bastards of situational learning
who hide behind the understanding of
the obtainment of ‘knowledge’
Choosing choice and creation as a
slave to temptation of beauty
Or something like it
The breathers of life
The shadows of death
Legions of heavy heads contemplating
every thought
When the mind goes from basic functioning
and dips into the layers within
We forget / We forget / We forget
I am grateful for sunny afternoons with good tunes <3 http://www.lowlandhum.com/

the look


The look, the stare

It’s there it’s there
Dark eyes questioning
The response isn’t felt
Practiced glances glare
With judgement and disgust
I hope you’re happy 
in your tower of guilt
As you sit upon your throne
of conquests 
Good luck to your
future heart for it is
Just like all the rest
The look the stare 
It’s there it’s there

Three Crows Bathing in the River

Walking along the trail I saw
Three crows bathing in the river
Their feathers ruffled from the wind and water
A brilliant blackness glistening in the sun
Mimicking the water’s surface
With its diamonds and mirrors of light
I stumbled forward
Tripping on the unseen root
My eyes focused on the
Three Black Birds
Staring back at me
While the scenery started
Morphing into something different
Than my original interpretation
Of the river, of the flock
A slimy sheen covered the water
The sun masking my first glances
The distance preventing acknowledgement of other senses
The stench burning into my nostrils
The three black birds standing proud
With their beaks pointing towards the sky
Then I realized
The murder was actually
Three white doves covered in mud
I am grateful for walks ❤️





Oh Poet
Writer of lovely verses
With your imagination
Shaping metaphorical figures
Around your bright red
Do you know me
Oh Poet
You claim to see
To make us believe
However daunting your task
How far will you run?
There’s a garden
Laid with flowers 
More than the violets
That you seek
Sunflowers stand tall
Guarding the edges
Oh Poet
What others would you find?
Once betrayed
Forgiven never forgotten
If you choose conquest
Over silence
You reap what you sow
I am grateful for words <3

A Bullet to the Heart

I don’t know why we fall in and out of love
Humans hoard their vulnerabilities until they forget how to feel 
We gorge on the sensitivities of those perceptible to our eye(s)
Acting as a kitchen sponge rather than a breathing being
There are those who can love 
There are those who can be loved
Some people greedily accept whatever they can get
While others try to hold onto anything attainable
Fake smiles, lies, darkened thoughts, and mind fucks
Each skill handed off in this game of manipulation
She stole his heart so now he must go steal one for himself
It’s a dog-eat-dog world in this ‘spiritual’ madness
As all of the lost lovers gather together on the firing line;
A bullet to the heart is surely the only way to kill one’s afflictions
I don’t know why we fall in and out of love
I am grateful for the feelings of love <3

A Familiar Name, A Familiar Face


Someone is talking in the distance

Indistinguishable words that hum into ears
The stars shine brilliantly between the black waves
Churning thoughts and emotions overhead
Air clings to the body like scaling skin
Pieces of flaky layers of the World around
A virus killing softly within the wind
Tempting the breath of those chosen 
Figures dance by in all of their fancy
Pretty faces with open mouths smiling wide
Boys and girls falling victims to the Romantics
Inventing lives upon hurtful stories and lies
Would you recognize my face if you saw me?
Would you guess what I could be thinking?
These are the questions that I dream about
The answers we seek often never surprises
Energy breaks free into me then through
A solid wall of heavy empty space
Another piece of the imaginary puzzle
A familiar name, a familiar face
I am grateful for everyday <3