Halves of Myself


A single tear falls
A silent rain before the dawn
A drop so pure all feeling melts
Creating a soft blanket of fog
Someone’s shadow hovers nearby
A blissful remembrance of truth
It’s as familiar as an infant’s lullaby
All uncertainty is removed

An aching pain of innocence 
Is all I have to offer you
With a full heart of love and forgiveness
Staining my soul in its residue
A slice of balance left wanting
Shaking in fullness of the thought itself
Because even knowing is better than nothing
A piece of your love is worth, the halves of myself
A piece of your love is worth, the halves of myself

A wave crashes back
Unnoticed by the body
Too small to cause damage
Only a force of mockery
The sun slowly penetrates
The weak vapors of breath
Passion boiling over to fate
Suffocating me with its kiss


I am grateful for my new puppy, who is only sometimes distracting when she’s chewing on everything!! ❤

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  1. whatelse can i say. deciphering. is it necessary to feel pain to understand life- to experience the fullness of life by offering pieces or halves of ourselves. the wisdom of pain.

    • Thank you 🙂 you are always so nice ❤

      I like this quote from Carl Jung "knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people."

      But I also think knowing your own darkness is therapeutic for dealing with your own. A little smorgasbord of emotions is needed, in the sense of growth/enlightenment…

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