Imaginary Forces


Imaginary forces grab on to me. My outline

shimmers and then fades. Each step

is an accomplishment. I’m blinded, tunneled by the

thought of you, loss regret, hatred, love. A

mixture so intense I can’t move.

Ghostly fingers try to soothe. Cold wisps of

imagination or truth?

Youth is gone, only loneliness now.

Bitterness surrounds the memory of when you were last

here. You, selfish, and unyielding

with your judgments.

One false step and then I surrender. I am

too weak to battle.

Lovers lie, lovers cheat. They steal

the soul that insists upon living. Pragmatic

musings and scornful tears. To love someone

and to be replaced with indecision.

The grass is always greener; you can’t see

past the tip of your nose. The game of life

you choose, you always have something to prove, but

you’re fake. You’re losing yourself within the standards of how

you think your life should be.

How stupid, to take advice from those who are

miserable and confused? And yet

you commit to their thought.

So young, so alone. You exclude yourself

until there is nothing left of you at all.

I am not a fighter, I am not alive at all. My time is

done but I can’t seem to let go.

I am grateful for the start of a new day/new year. Happy 2013 <;3

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