Little Bright Stars


Little Bright Stars

Could I focus long enough to see you
Psychadellic imagining on mushrooms
Colorful sounds that I could not previously hear
I thought this world had changed but it wasn’t mine
We’ve submitted to the everyday musings of our new ordinary lives

But I’m confused, heartbroken and tired
I feel lost, I’m floating
I keep trying to stand but the weight pushes me down
How can I survive when I keep faltering?
How can I win if I want to lose?

I know that I am not alone
But reality is cruel and demanding
My loves are imprisoned within the realms of society
Shackled with platinum chains and diamond locks
Distractions to keep the blood flowing

We are young, brought here to please
We are limitless, but are now bound by mortality
We have wings, but we’ve forgotten how to fly
We are angelic, little bright stars that travel the world at night

I am grateful for the sun! I’m so glad it’s not raining today! ❤


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