Beautiful Death


Beautiful Death



Watch the sparkle shining so quietly

There is no sound except the wind and me

Tiptoe across the fragile shell

One false step and down I fell

To an underwater winter wonderland

I can’t scream or even begin to comprehend

The silent echoing singing through the space

The vibrations swim up to caress my face

There is so much beauty to this lost place

A world undiscovered, a land to remain chaste

My eyes are only able to wander

I don’t know how long I’ve been under

I guess I finally know where this ends

I’m all alone here in this beautiful death

Chills prickle up and into me

My numbness escapes to the freeze

Floating life forms begin to take shape

Trapping me down without a trace

Temptation to breathe encircles me

The only escape is now an icy sheet

Pointless struggles to reach the top

Finally giving up, I begin to fall

Dust settles after I’ve hit the bottom

I’m on the inside, there will be no tomorrow

My eyes are frozen wide open

Sparkles shining so quietly already forgotten

My hair still moves to a rhythm

Undiscovered to me as I lose my lungs

The last bubbles escape and float to the top

Making impressions on the ice but it’s still not enough.



I am grateful that I live in a region that experiences all four seasons. I can’t wait for spring! ❤

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