There exists an intensity so strong it strangles
It pulsates, pounding beats, through the skin
Sometimes the force is too much for us to handle
But I often find myself waiting to see what becomes of it
Fire finds fire, the heat grows
Passion burning, confusing, until we implode

Magnetic waves encircle at first touch
Power seeps into the soul
Love, admiration, gratitude, appreciation, lust
The only real moments when I ever feel whole
The chaos of flame puts on a good show
That’s what we get for falling in love

I’m scared I will never learn control
How do you tame such a powerful blaze?
Every now and then the spark may turn cold
Fires can die, but memories never fade
We push on, even if we falter
Our love is like a wildfire

I am grateful for the learning process of what it means to be in love and to be loved. ❤

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