Pockets of Different Realities




The alarm sounds, the deafening ringing penetrates the silence

And then I remember

Black clouds, acid rain drops, a poisonous goodbye kiss from the darkness


My soul, my savior, my muse

My solace, my anti-venom

A sweet cocoon, wrapped in his warm embrace

I can finally feel Heaven


My soul splits, spiked thorns rip through my heart

The pain dulls after each release

The memory of agony constantly shudders through me

If I lost my heart, I would lose it all


These distractions attack me, swallowing the light that shines from within

Wasted energy to build glass walls

But glass is fragile and it fails

The spiderweb veins cloud my vision, confusion sets in 

Disoriented thoughts mix in with the information


My pen is my wand, a force of transference

A thin band-aid to cover up the damage

Judgement as I am, as I present myself

I’m frightened; who’s listening?


Echoes from my call summon the ghosts

The sounds appear; spread out into a confusing cacophony

I’m falling, I’m failing, am i alive?

Everything is ravished by the black-hole in my mind


I wear my mask, look how it shines

It’s alive with bulbs of color, a rainbow of lights

Out of body, I step into my soldier

A woman cursed with heavy chains and anchors

Who she is, is only who she wants them to remember


A black suit to infiltrate the fiery pits of hate

A fighter of love who balances being mortal with faith

They can free me from this world, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave

Overlapping times, familiar places, pockets of different realities


I am grateful for my best friend who makes my life easier to handle. ❤


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