Frost tipped knuckles and rosy cheeks

Clouds of smoke impressing the air

Tightly knitted caps form layers to skin

A quick glance, you looked down, what happened?

Staring blankly past the pane into the darkness

A liminal figure, a shadow

There was only you and me for one second

I caught my breath and then you were gone

Did you know, that I knew

That what I saw was a picture of you

Did you see, that I could see

The face through the window you gave me

Could it be you were so close?

Come back and give me some more

I need your eyes to watch me, stare so deeply

Give me that smile, the smirk I’ve seen

Hold me and tell me it will be okay

Promise me that I’ll see you again oneday

Dark brown hair shooting out from under the folds of grey

Grey skies and coats surrounding your moves

Can it be, I know who you are that is following me?

A coyote who only wishes to sing out

Speak to me, soothe me, understand me

Just come back to me

Lightning, so much lightning

In your eyes, in the twilight

Three strikes of glances that I missed tonight

One blank stare with the shadows in my eyes

Time so slow, you moved me

So, come back and give me some more

I am grateful that I have a house, even if it’s a fixer upper. It’s a nice feeling to own the place where we rest our heads. ❤


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