In a state of disbelief do I do nothing at all

Let’s take a trip on Jefferson’s Airplane to recall

Too many memories that we now find similar to our own

And who could blame us for bringing down the wall?

How many battles can we lose before we have another Revolution?

We may be a younger generation but we can still fight for the cause


If you don’t believe me, let Crosby enlighten you of Woodstock

Where peace and love were enough to testify of what’s right and what’s wrong

If we choose to let them ignore us, how can we grow?

I am not a single person but a figure of us all

Go ask Grace, how she now paints to capture the world

And if you didn’t think these things then, it’s no wonder you can’t now


If we decide to choose, we can fight with our hearts full of love

Mother Earth is crying but her children keep robbing her of it all

And if you think it’s better to sit on your hands and forget

Come with us and we will gladly show you to some encouragement!

We’re sick of the greedy monkeys who keep tainting our lands and waters

We’re sick of poverty, disease and that our education has gone to slaughter

Now we’re giving you a warning, however, peacefully we offer

The time has come to remember the ones who stood up for all of you cowards


It’s time for a revolution, again

We CAN fight this growing state of desperation

We have a few teachers left who still preach about the cause

So, it’s time to remember the past and stand up for what we want

We can rewrite our destiny with a little bit of courage

They cannot forget about us if we can assemble our chorus

We can sing about love until they ask for more

We will show them that we won’t go away until we know that we’ve been heard




I am grateful for instrumentals that provide ceaseless hours of non-quietness. Currently listening to Lindsey Stirling, which is pretty fantastic writing music! ❤

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