It’s the pen, it’s the paper
This psychotic manipulation that I can’t handle
So many questions revolving around what has been done
Why can’t we just focus on now?

I live each distraction as a piece of the puzzle
The memories intertwining together
I lack focus, I guess I’ve said that
These lines are just so intimidating

I’m like the bored viewer of a long movie
I can’t interact, I can’t leave
This is the nightmare that keeps me asleep
My conscience is filled and overflowing

Fast moving screenshots and undisclosed dialogue
The hazy fog destroying my reality
Addictions swirl through the firings in my head
It’s just too much for me to admit

I am grateful for Penelope. ❤



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    • she’s lucky she’s so cute, she’s a hot puppy mess! lol penelope is an awesome dog, very loyal. so i love rhcp, i’m going to see them in abut a month! i don’t know about the girl either…it’s funny what we find ourselves connected to

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