I claim to be perfect…


I claim to be perfect, well at least inside of my head

But I fear my mind is a scary place, always questioning

It’s a visionary’s dream, or a lover’s death

It’s exhausting to be constantly trying to maintain a feeling of knowing

What is truth? I still don’t know

I always give in to the gravity of my thoughts

They travel down to deep, dark graves

Underground condominiums built up of my past

There’s this constant buzzing, a nagging in my ears

I am never allowed any moments of silence

This state of annoyance building up my trepidation

Unnerving the glow of energy I’m building within 



I am grateful for surprise moments of relaxation and writing. ❤


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    • Thank you! I often find that when I don’t keep my mind busy, I start this super cliche downward spiral into a negative oblivion. I’m working on changing that though 🙂 I get lost in my mind sometimes haha

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