Another Temporary Holiday <3


I was devoured by the river when the current took me under;

And, in an almost psychic-like introspection, I perfectly grasped, that

I, was in love.

Ah, love; the challenge, the ultimatum, the phenomenon that extends traditions.

Represented as the final chunk of our soul that we hunt;

And we all accept it, like we did.

To fathom, you are mine and I am yours;

I am yours and you are mine, forevermore.

The cupids peer earthward from the stars and the clouds above,

With expressions of admiration and confounded painted faces of jealousy.

We’ve never requested their conjury because we’ve always have had our own,

Two impassioned flames that don’t require a nourishing torch.

We may choose to celebrate another temporary holiday;

A manufactured masquerade saluted by the lover in us all.

And, despite that I agonizingly struggle to accurately pen my passion,

I fervently offer my Valentine’s wish to you today my love.

I am grateful for my enthusiastically brilliant, mostly perfect ;), sweet boyfriend. Thank you for all of your encouragement in all of this writing stuff!! ❤

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