To Be Happy


It’s hard to begin to express the sheer frustration and depression I fall into, when you leave. Although, your body lingers, your mind has lost it’s way. The pathway to self-destruction on speed. A numbing embrace and a glimpse of a light, so you use. To keep a handy vial on hand, mimics the guidance of friends, pushing you away from everyone. And you do. Your self-confidence issues are portrayed, by the mean words you say, when you’re not you. How important do I weigh in the narcissistic world playing in everyone’s heads? What would you say if you were given the chance to conquer it all or, to be happy?

I am grateful for the sun ❤

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  1. Pain is a stagnant cloud that like to cover our window. Once it rains, we purge our souls of sadness and fear then we step outside and tend our garden because love likes to grow in unexpected places. Love is not the cloud, love is the seed underneath the stone. We don’t see it yet, because its early spring, but it will sprout out and grow. And no cloud can wash it away.
    The cloud will pass, because he was not your love. You don’t need the cloud.

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