Sociopathic Romeo


There is a saying that “you’ll never die if a writer loves you.”

Do I lose the competition if I can only describe the monster living in you?
The devil in disguise, the master thief that broke  into my heart, my soul,
Forced himself in and then locked the door to anyone else.
A sociopathic Romeo, who loved and hated all the same.
Tainted by the beast, I feel branded by evil;
My tattoo of remembrance that has forever changed my life.
The last time that I saw your face, could you possibly claim to be confused?
You couldn’t remember the baseball bat or the bruises you left hell,
I don’t even remember it all.
Except now my first waking thoughts result in terror;
An unmistakable second of adrenaline where my fight responds to hide my instinct to run.
To be chained to memories that influence everything is the worst kind of prison imaginable
To be free…
I am grateful for memories, all of them. ❤

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  1. I had to read this twice .. I was not sure if it would be good etiquette to ‘like’ this but I just love the composition and as for the message I can relate to on a level I don’t like to share 😦 I just wanted to say this was a brave and bold write and I wish you only the best.

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