A Dreamer, The End (Part 3)


Is there a correct way to define a dreamer?

Are we oracles of legends, who carry a scent of the truths that most are unable to see, or hear?

This longing for sentencing, Oh, I couldn’t breathe.

Created by the self-inflicting madness that, mutilates the glowing essence within.

Dreamers are undeniably the most talented sufferers, living within the complexities of the mind and the boundaries of its depths.

The dreams that plague, investigate beauty, grow life, and help to remember death.

A dreamer is the keeper of imagination, listening from the shadows to create,

but forever carrying the weight of it all.

So we do, and we find ourselves living too;

The End.

I am grateful for everything, and everyone, that has led me to this point. ❤



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