The Solstice Festival


The Firefly; the winged beacon of hope and enlightenment.

There is so much to uncover.

Illuminating a destination to journey; a self-exploration for

uncovering the wit in expression and in meaning.

A mission to accomplish, to love; unlike most of the

ordinary lovers undercover.

But we “see.” 

And I feel a certain annoyance of paranoia creeping; a sticky strand of

spider-web adhering to the outer layers of my flesh;

that I lay before you in infinite tides of harmony.

The scenario unfolded to clarify a fantasy once told to

the children by the gods.

Forsaking them with an unquenchable desire for love,

or is it lust that gauges the attention of inspiration? But I digress,

If there was a moment in history that could motivate

the reaction of the most passionate response,

the solstice festival

is a reenactment of the Kingdom and

that chapter starts now.



I am grateful for the sun and the moon. ❤


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