I Am Yours / You Are Mine


September 27, 2012


A whisper of breath gently warms my cheek;

I am in Heaven

My hollowness greedily fills, making my soul at peace;

We are connected


Two visions collide to compare and contrast

It’s not perfect but it has the feeling of a blissful finality

We can only bend and break as much as the rest

We hold steady as the predators try to shake our loyalties


Feather caresses ignite a spasm of chilled flesh;

I am yours.

Focused, our only enemies are time and distance;

You are mine.


A life cannot be played, cannot be bought or sold

I cannot live happily without you

Temptations, confusion, reality; they take their toll

This love is only guaranteed by a respectful truth


My pen struggles with the paper

The words cannot justify

To get this out, might take forever

But your proof can always be seen in my eyes


I am grateful for the feeling of growth. ❤

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