The Forest to the Sea


She sat at the pane, her breath catching on the glass

Longing for the world past the tree line, the forest that she couldn’t see

Beyond there, lived a boy past the mountains in a small town by the sea

A gifted soul, beautiful in its own light

A compassionate being, he consisted of everyone

Much like the One, we all have memories

Yet she is ignored, maybe forgotten?

Wandering blind with no one to follow

Her vow of sacrifice could be life, to prove to everyone of his existence

His memory of the history

The stories that time made her forget

But her soul remembers

It feels the vibrations that she should be thinking

And she would give it all away for him

A life of hiding, flying, away forever

He could help her find her wings

Those picturesque layers of feathers that feel like silk to the touch

He remembers and yearns for their warmth

He fights to wear his mask, not knowing that she would give him what he wants



I am grateful for every second of random inspiration. ❤

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  1. hats off! very quiet poem. i wonder how it all began, how it ended. perhaps, it has no beginning, no ending. it just appears and disappears at the same time. interesting poem. profound.

    • there hasn’t been any detrimental endings as I’m aware of; everything seems constantly in motion. simply moving forward maybe? i feel as if maybe this reflects an awakening in a few different ways, some I didn’t pick out from myself before. thanks for the mental notes 🙂 and if you have time, check out some of my other pieces. cheers!

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