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The Forest to the Sea


She sat at the pane, her breath catching on the glass

Longing for the world past the tree line, the forest that she couldn’t see

Beyond there, lived a boy past the mountains in a small town by the sea

A gifted soul, beautiful in its own light

A compassionate being, he consisted of everyone

Much like the One, we all have memories

Yet she is ignored, maybe forgotten?

Wandering blind with no one to follow

Her vow of sacrifice could be life, to prove to everyone of his existence

His memory of the history

The stories that time made her forget

But her soul remembers

It feels the vibrations that she should be thinking

And she would give it all away for him

A life of hiding, flying, away forever

He could help her find her wings

Those picturesque layers of feathers that feel like silk to the touch

He remembers and yearns for their warmth

He fights to wear his mask, not knowing that she would give him what he wants



I am grateful for every second of random inspiration. ❤




Walking hurriedly, as most Modernists do

I focused ahead looking for familiar landmarks

Stranded, no exploring, the mainland of my family

Centered in the city of my mother’s blood

I came upon a tall stone wall

Which is not uncommon for the local wanderer

But the wall opened up and bordered an accentuating view of perspective that made me pause

Not a single breath escaped while I was absorbed in the timeless enchantment

Completely hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the swans

Fascinating, majestic flyers who share their wisdom through their eyes

As I watched, I imagined the poor children of Lir and shed a tear for the fate of a love’s deception

As if I walked into the fairy tale pages themselves

And overheard the narrator describing some minute detail about the color of the water

But as a character, my fate was written, so I chose not to listen

Instead, I inspected their freedom of the blue expanse of territories and I imagined that,

Any creature dressed in feathers painted all of the pink shades of a pearl,

Has to be touched by the most merciful hand


A moment of memory in Galway printed on a photograph, circa 2008

I am grateful for the copy of “Irish Fairy and Folk Tales” by Yeats that my Grandma gave me. ❤



I am suffocating in a hazy fog in the heavens of make-believe 

Where there are only words; 

No feelings, no emotions;

It’s torturing me.

Am I the naive damsel who is afraid of a life of monsters that

devour the devoted?

The devil doesn’t care, as long as he disarms the chosen.

I’ve lost this game to him before;

Lost precious years.

So I’m sent a knight in shining armor,

to be rescued.

Why is my angel of redemption the one who is unavailable?

Who is more fascinated by the chase but not the girl.

A master of deception hidden by the blazing metal,

Who can tell his lover that he can’t love her because

the world is too hard to handle.

A knight who sees a pretty tavern wench with healing scars.

Pink markings of tainted flesh that only ever

make the monsters hungry.



I am grateful for the constant development in understanding acceptance. ❤

Wake Up?


As if I was presenting to an audience, the questions of the world;
A simple story to tell, but I had written it down anyway.
I cleared my throat and looked out into the throng.
A multitude of scattered faces looked up in cynicism and expectancy.
Oh, why can I never wake up in moments like this?

I am grateful for inspiring challenges. ❤



I looked up, shading the bright light with the back of my hands;
Deep breaths, just breathe.
So many thoughts that weave in and out,
A mystery of decisions unknown to me.
There is only one small break in the clouds that I can see,
And it’s you.

A sentient feeling manufactured by the ever-watching eyes of the world.
So overwhelming, I shield myself.
Sometimes I forget what I take for granted,
But don’t we all?
The sky has never appeared more vibrant than this blue, Carolina, my home.
The realization slams into me,
I can’t give up and lose everything.


I am grateful for my friends and family. ❤

Rambles of Wisdom


The lights are off and silence rings

I start to speak and you listen to me

My rambles of wisdom come to be

I’m in this life, can you see me?


My heart is dancing with the stars

Shooting so brightly to the Earth

Gather our bodies together again

Same sweet emotion in this lover’s trance


Swallow the dark with your love

Keep me warm with your smile

Don’t leave, I’ll never get enough

Stay here with me, for just a little while

A little while longer…


I am always grateful for a good story! ❤