Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Mother’s Love


We all travel down the pathway of life

Stumbling forward in a constant state of metaphoric growth

It’s a trail of investigation, imagination, and truth

There is never a map for these kind of journeys


The people we meet, they help push us along

With offers of gratitude and respect they power the energy

But it’s a mother’s love that fuels the passion

And supports the youthful dreams and desires of her children


Until their dying breath, do all children remember

The gentle touch of a mother’s hand, her ever-constant encouragement, and her unconditional love

A child could never forget, because it’s this memory of a maternal compassion that,

keeps her children breathing

A child’s life blooms from within the mother’s gift of her heart



I am grateful for being a mother’s child. ❤

I Am Yours / You Are Mine


September 27, 2012


A whisper of breath gently warms my cheek;

I am in Heaven

My hollowness greedily fills, making my soul at peace;

We are connected


Two visions collide to compare and contrast

It’s not perfect but it has the feeling of a blissful finality

We can only bend and break as much as the rest

We hold steady as the predators try to shake our loyalties


Feather caresses ignite a spasm of chilled flesh;

I am yours.

Focused, our only enemies are time and distance;

You are mine.


A life cannot be played, cannot be bought or sold

I cannot live happily without you

Temptations, confusion, reality; they take their toll

This love is only guaranteed by a respectful truth


My pen struggles with the paper

The words cannot justify

To get this out, might take forever

But your proof can always be seen in my eyes


I am grateful for the feeling of growth. ❤



If I close my eyes, I can gaze out past the beyond and see how blue the sky is

A liminal layer but with a thickness of color so unreal that it doesn’t seem possible; it soothes

The water mirrors the heavens and glistens in the Caribbean sun; the innocent consciousness of my times past

And I treasure it; the irreplacable gem is stored in the locket that rests on my chest; a few inches above my heart

It’s these memories that I dream when I need to escape reality


I am grateful for sleep, hopefully it will come! lol ❤

The Solstice Festival


The Firefly; the winged beacon of hope and enlightenment.

There is so much to uncover.

Illuminating a destination to journey; a self-exploration for

uncovering the wit in expression and in meaning.

A mission to accomplish, to love; unlike most of the

ordinary lovers undercover.

But we “see.” 

And I feel a certain annoyance of paranoia creeping; a sticky strand of

spider-web adhering to the outer layers of my flesh;

that I lay before you in infinite tides of harmony.

The scenario unfolded to clarify a fantasy once told to

the children by the gods.

Forsaking them with an unquenchable desire for love,

or is it lust that gauges the attention of inspiration? But I digress,

If there was a moment in history that could motivate

the reaction of the most passionate response,

the solstice festival

is a reenactment of the Kingdom and

that chapter starts now.



I am grateful for the sun and the moon. ❤

A Dreamer, The End (Part 3)


Is there a correct way to define a dreamer?

Are we oracles of legends, who carry a scent of the truths that most are unable to see, or hear?

This longing for sentencing, Oh, I couldn’t breathe.

Created by the self-inflicting madness that, mutilates the glowing essence within.

Dreamers are undeniably the most talented sufferers, living within the complexities of the mind and the boundaries of its depths.

The dreams that plague, investigate beauty, grow life, and help to remember death.

A dreamer is the keeper of imagination, listening from the shadows to create,

but forever carrying the weight of it all.

So we do, and we find ourselves living too;

The End.

I am grateful for everything, and everyone, that has led me to this point. ❤