Red Light


Today, I felt the kiss of spring

As if I were embraced by the woman in the wind,

She hugged me

I could feel her warmth;

A motherly touch that promised of love.


Her long fingers strewn through my hair

Catching on a few amber curls

My windows down, to stay connected

I heard her talking, mixed within the music

The noninvasive compilation of instruments playing;

In ceremony, the birds chirping

Along with the exact rhythm and melody,

It felt like Heaven.


A minute at a red light to offer a moment of reflection,

And prayer

One where the Universe finally understood;

Could feel my need,

Then forced Its hymn

The music playing a light piano with:

Translucent waves of harmony

I happened to notice the sky at that moment

A blue so pure,

Completely magical

I could get lost in that ocean forever;

The only view to supplement the subconscious listening.


But as it seems now

At least most days

Reality consumes

And I’m forced to follow

The line of traffic

When the light turns green.



I am grateful for Spring and all of her glories; my hero. ❤

7 responses »

    • Thank you Nandini! It was a beautiful moment. It’s weird how spiritual awakenings, as in spiritual awareness, can happen anywhere…even on the way to work!

  1. ‘Her long fingers strewn through my hair
    Catching on a few amber curls’

    lights, scents and sounds. perfectly composed.
    words are tangible. delicate and pure.

  2. it’s wnderful. you don’t need to be accurate in everything. sometimes, oil sketches are more interesting than the finished ones. or the raw backroom/garage recording of music.

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