Today, I woke up contemplating freedom. What does it really mean? Are we free if we can afford to pay off all of our debts?
Is someone free, who decides to quit his/her job/family and become a nomad?
Or, are we only ever free in death; no longer exhausted by the trials of being mortal and flesh?

Can the word “freedom” take on a personification of itself? We salute the flag in America to proudly honor those who have died for our freedoms. So now we are forced to worship the flag for people unknown to all of us individuals? We are taught a ritual to worship freedom, losing the freedom to salute those in honor, the way we would choose. The word “freedom” has multiple meanings for each of us; depending on family, situation, country, religion, demographic, etc. If I were to make a stand and suggest that the flag never be saluted again, would I then, be taking away another person’s freedom?

Is a person who is free, or one who experiences freedom, ultimately happy? For the nomad wanderer, does the thought of freedom lie within the decisions that are based on a moment’s notice? Is the nomad happy? Or, is he merely only choosing a different life because his definition of living is different than my idea of living?

I’m not necessarily afraid of the bounds and shackles used to make a person feel their loss of “freedom.” I am more concerned with the censorship of voice, of heart. So, what exactly am I afraid of?

Is freedom just a concept to help us remember fear? Without freedom, we have the fear of what our judges, our “gods” would decide for us; as our fate is determined by men and women who also have their own ideas about what freedom is. With freedom, are we constantly afraid of losing it?

Moreover, how does one become free within the realms of a time, or a place, where it is just not possible? Am I merely free when someone can define me as such? Am I free if I claim that I am?

For me, freedom more closely resembles something within me; a state of mind. I am shackled to societal standards and debts but my mind is FREE to explore anything that I can imagine. I can conjure up any idea and then stitch it into the lives of other minds.

I guess freedom means to me, probably what it means to everybody else. An idea/concept that is limitless in every aspect.

What do you think?

I am grateful to have the tools I need to explore my Freedom to its fullest. ❤


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  1. I recently interviewed Holocaust survivor Philip Riteman and one of the things he noted was that when he stepped off the plane in St. John’s and was greeted as a new Newfoundlander (we were a country on our own in 1946, and not a part of Canada as we are today) he said that he did not want anything. All he wanted was to be a free man. He cried and the chief justice, who greeted him, also cried. For one who lost everything, including all of his family, nothing was dearer to him than to escape the fetters that had bound him since 1941. Your message is one that we should all listen to again and again. Freedom is a great gift that we must be grateful for and fight to maintain.

    • What a great experience to witness and share! I can’t imagine seeing someone handed their life, their freedom. It must take quite a person to have everything taken away and then to force yourself to keep going, to be grateful even. I hope we never learn what that means!

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