I awoke this morning to the sound of birds chirping,
It was barely audible at first but as the seconds past,
As I continued my journey from the dreamland,
I had a few blissful moments of a Sunday morning.
As if the sun planned to say hello! as soon as I opened my swollen eyelids.
It sang to me, the sun, and I listened
I couldn’t escape the diamonds glistening through the shades, nor the melody that the day had chosen
So I shoved on each shoe, rubbing against my bare-feet,
slipped a jacket over the mismatched threads that I slept in,
and stepped out into the world.
Where I was met with nothing at all,
and it was blissful, spiritual.
And as I inspected the grassy ground beneath my feet, walking forward,
seeking what the freedom offered me,
I stumbled upon one lone flower,
A yellow weed all by itself
And I smiled, what a blessing
As if god had placed this one flower in my path to get my attention;
Learning to depend on the simple wonders of living, surviving.
Offering a vibrant piece of life to demonstrate
What it means to relate, speculate, what dreams might be.
I am grateful for new friends. ❤

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  1. Beautiful picture.l enjoyed reading the poem.Thank you for liking my post.Regards.jalal

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