Hammock Musings


Toes curled, twisted in between the braided layers of fabric;
Shades of the Carolina sky
Floating; flying
Gravity bows down to the effortless embrace; of hammock to body
A sensual cocoon that caresses each spiny bump down the pale flesh of my back
My skin, fire; warm and in peace
As if sweating in the residual triumph of originality;
To defy the basic sense of reality, to escape the feeling of heavy
As lightweight as the marshmallow clouds that outline the illustration above; the open door to life and the unknown
A seat of creativity to dream up the classifications of different meanings
Ways to record a code of communicating;
Past the normal methods of understanding and learning
To remember what it means to keep dreaming, to keep believing
And to always be grateful.

I am grateful for education and the teachers/counsellors/mentors who voluntarily enter into the lives of those who need them.



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