Hi :)


I’ve gone through a series of starts lately, unable to finish anything that I begin writing. I thought about posting a mishmash of material that I’ve been working on just to be done with it but instead I’m trying to be patient! I figured it was time for a “real” talk post anyway. I’ve met the most interesting people recently and it seems to have just begun; A comfortable past-time activity that is growing into a familiarity.

For all of my friends on WordPress, thanks for following my blog so diligently! The last few months have been challenging and it’s amazing how much love can be found here, and how helpful it has been 🙂 I thought about change earlier in the year and here it is haha I guess it’s time for less thinking and more doing, so to speak.

I’ve started a few different writing projects that have been taking up a lot of my free time. A couple of amazing opportunities and I’ve had such a blast. Currently I am helping to write/create a video game and I am also working on a Greek Mythology Anthology that has been in the making for awhile. My projects (and there is a list, which I’m sure is relatable to many). So yea, things are looking pretty good again.

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Until next time,



Today I am grateful for secrets. ❤


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