A Master of the Call


Passion seeping, seething to begin to tell the story of an introduction of the most extraordinary kind
A kinship of identity, feeling apart of something at the very first discovering of voice.

A master of the call patiently carrying out thoughts and creating thinkers who long to continue the traditions:
Of thought provoking, mind boggling, completely ordinary phrases that trump any trained structure taught to little boys and girls;
Who paint pretty flowers that represent the generics of an underground world, but not him.

Disregarding the perfectly placed soapbox and stepping off into the crowd, emerging self to penetrate the barriers of the weak mind
One of the brightest stars known to our eyes,
I can still see him burn, burn, burn
Igniting the fuel in those who feel alive.

I am grateful for motivational conversations, especially about a hero. This might not be the last of Kerouac ❤

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  1. I knew it was about Kerouac straight away, haha! I still remember when I first read On the Road; in fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about the Beats, for a single day since. Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs all geniuses. And Dean Moriarty setting the example of life lived to the full, overshadowing all. Cool poem! Tell us more…

    • I had to come up with something! haha No telling what a Kerouac-ian? thought might bring. I enjoy the movement’s history, that it teaches us to never compromise. Inspiration for future posts for sure! thanks for stopping by 🙂

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