Stomach Flu


Legs straddling the porcelain
One hand back, pulling up sweaty strands in a tight fist
The other, lost in the confusion of the movement
Body shaking, collapsing, suffocating
A putrid stench opens eyes to another wave of volatile cleansing
The bathroom floor has never felt so private
Deliriously making way back to bed
To dream of the reality of the moment
Until feet understand the urgency of the next second before
Eyes open
Another dance into submission

I am grateful for Jess. ā¤

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      • Lol, I was thinking of a time in the past when the affliction hit me just when I had to start a flight. Let’s just say that when the pilot hit the thrusters for takeoff so did I. Later when I arrived I found that the kids all had it too the night before. Man… Son#3’s birthday had to be celebrated a few days late. Still sweet though. Muse… Hope you’re better now.

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