Favorite First Memory


A night of music and dancing for all
of us, grouped together and lit up like
a neon troop of fireflies
The full moon lounging overhead
Convincing the crowd below to stay alive
Tempting the masses to escape reality and

tackling the human desire of living in the moment
As if united on cue, there you were
And then, we were, two silhouettes hiding from the

nosy celestial watcher of the dark sky
You were lying on your back, hands folded behind your head
With me, resting together on the bare tent floor
I sat up, almost overwhelmed by the intensity of

the simplicity in the moment
and how perfect it was
As I fiddled with my excuses to catch my breath, I froze
Suspended into a slow reel of the scene of the

man in front of me with

his eyes closed
In the shadows of our retreat I could see that you were smiling
Time stood still, as did any other thought to think, other than

the musings of you and the

feelings of now
You were a face of happiness in its perfection
I wanted it, to feel it, in every sense of the word
Even you, unaware as I continued to stare; greedy eyes

tracing the outlines of all of the

features to remember

Never guessing that this meeting would not be

our only time together, as I
Focused on another long enough for

my layers of barriers to falter
I laid down, unable to remain distant as an abstract of you; willing to
risk vulnerabilities and give into the pleasure ignited

by the connection of your touch
Hypnotized, I caressed your lips with my own imitation of them
Exploring a blending of minds unknown but of souls colliding
Two beings humbled by the moon still watching the

pair relating on the experience and on the passion
Offering them one night of chances to begin something new…

I am grateful for Bobby ❤


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