Happy 2014!


Welcome to 2014! I hope your transition into the New Year was as pleasant as mine. It has taken me six whole days to try to reflect on this past year and write out an acceptable letter to explain it all. I’m not sure that I can, or that I want to go into it all again (once lived is good enough, right?). 2013 was a doosey, I am very blessed and grateful for everyone that has helped me, guided me, and ignored me throughout this time. I find myself having a love-hate relationship with this past year. My experiences epitomize the rollercoaster bumpy ride that plagues us all every once in a while, whether we’re prepared for it or not.

I’ve moved several times and in doing so, I’ve been lucky enough to meet new housemates and experiences. I’ve lost relationships and I’ve gained some. I’ve traveled a bit, making a note of NYC and the Florida Keys. I went to a ton of concerts, including a 3-day music festival. I’ve written some interesting pieces and I’ve thrown  a few away. I’ve started sketching again and strumming an acoustic from time to time.

Writing this post, I am listening to Incubus’ album “Make Yourself,” which came out in 1999. As I think back, what was I doing in 1999? The year of ’99 is the year I started writing for myself, the year I stopped trying to force write a diary and begin to write stories; or even random conversations that I had heard during my days. Now in 2014, I’m still writing, still listening to Incubus. With all of the changes in 2013, I guess I’ve realized in this moment, that we all experience major obstacles throughout the years that disrupt our lives. It’s the ability of picking up the pieces and finding the consistencies of ourselves, within ourselves, when we are able to truly move forward and grow.

The year of 2013 was one of the “picking up the pieces” kind of years for me. Have I changed? No, not really but I feel older (I prefer to think of myself more aged, as in vintage).  As a warrior of this battle of ordinary life, I relax and think of my new beginnings and where I find myself now. I still don’t know what to expect but I’m pretty sure I like it that way, at least for now.

Here’s my celebratory virtual Happy New Year cheer. I hope that you all write your best-sellers and make a lot of money!



I am grateful for all of the new beginnings this year will bring. ❤

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