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Sunrise, Sunset
When I closed my eyes, I wasn’t alive
I wasn’t a body, a thing
Only, just the fluttering pieces of fractal light
twinkling between the dark and the light
During sunrise and sunset

….Random statements to stimulate thought, create force of habit to ignore the bullshit and to feel silent for a moment, sometimes I want to be….

The Married Woman
To be with her was more than anything he had ever wanted
He could give her his heart but he could never have her;
in the physically, mentally, and soulfully awarded expectations that some experience
So he gave up.

A body bounded to nothing
Perhaps, having to abandon ship
to feel the tidal pull while
swimming in the ocean
Just another perfect holiday
of sandy beaches and palm trees

You try on girls like a new pair of shoes
Feet shoved all of the way in, stomping out all of the inconsistencies that cramp your style.

If the mind can emulate the body’s
progressional steps up an escalator staircase
Then we know that one can
decide to not go up, but it will
take you there anyway.
Although, if you choose to walk down, it
may take you longer but at least
it was a direction of will.

I am grateful for random moments ❤

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