Monthly Archives: April 2015

the look


The look, the stare

It’s there it’s there
Dark eyes questioning
The response isn’t felt
Practiced glances glare
With judgement and disgust
I hope you’re happy 
in your tower of guilt
As you sit upon your throne
of conquests 
Good luck to your
future heart for it is
Just like all the rest
The look the stare 
It’s there it’s there

Three Crows Bathing in the River

Walking along the trail I saw
Three crows bathing in the river
Their feathers ruffled from the wind and water
A brilliant blackness glistening in the sun
Mimicking the water’s surface
With its diamonds and mirrors of light
I stumbled forward
Tripping on the unseen root
My eyes focused on the
Three Black Birds
Staring back at me
While the scenery started
Morphing into something different
Than my original interpretation
Of the river, of the flock
A slimy sheen covered the water
The sun masking my first glances
The distance preventing acknowledgement of other senses
The stench burning into my nostrils
The three black birds standing proud
With their beaks pointing towards the sky
Then I realized
The murder was actually
Three white doves covered in mud
I am grateful for walks ❤️