Crazy Thoughts


Is it not enough to weave letters into neatly

packaged shapes and phrases

Created to open up the introductions and to keeping face…


From the cipher to the idol:

Standing out at a distance trying to reflect what’s normal;

All of the noise, incoherent static, the nonsense of translating

one piece of substance into something more familiar

-As if the ant could ever stomp on the human to demand a sense of understanding-

Is it any wonder at why the peasant doesn’t lend out a hand to the King to offer union?


the King hides his face within the pillows of his selfish ideals of slumber and musings

So as not to prophesize the most unrealistic endings to these questioning desires…


When believing is harder than breathing in and out…

There is no time for questions of clarity or whose turn it is to write a story.


I am grateful for “crazy” thoughts ❤


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