Who am I?


Busy days lead into eventful nights of

Bright moments in the dark that leave the brain

mindless and numb to the rationality of light

You’ve been wearing all black while tempting the colors within

to paint the first mark of the picture

With haphazard jagged brush strokes crisscrossing from

one side of the page to the other

A depiction of dreams and the feelings

one experiences while asleep

I dress you up in my careless thoughts to

wake up in the morning and wonder,

Who am I?


I am grateful for sleep ❤

4 responses »

  1. We are the colours that brighten the dark canvas in moon lit night with each stroke, we paint a memory onto fresco, a work of art at the stillness of dreams we take with us when sun warm our heart and day brake is here breathing life into new memories to create and paint in the dea of night

  2. I really enjoyed this. It made me recall the more vividly wacky and colourful dreams I only remember snippets of. I love the idea of sleep tempting the colour from the brain. Wonderful.

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