Not It


We can choose to read between the lines
Switching sides while exclaiming,
“Tag you’re it!”
I will not

We can claim each day
But only in an alternative order
To look forward
I will not

We can play pretend and hide the truth
Introducing oneself as someone else
Other than you
I will not

I am grateful for the everyday, straightforwardness of spending time with my friends ❤


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  1. I never know what happens when reading someones work but the lower part just spawned in my head.
    You inspired me to play with words. Thank you. It is fun to see what the chaotic mind can come up with.

    it’s not
    what we pretend it to be
    Its snot
    Dripping infectiously rotting brains through a cavity
    Its noticeable
    that we expose ourselves to be frank while the name is Willie
    Will he
    not I
    I try to be Frank.

  2. I never knew how to be anyone but who I am. For some that was not enough. I moved on and found those who stood by me. Those who don’t, I don’t change… c’est la vie!

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