Indian Fashion 4


I peered through the hole in the fabric

The scene encircled by the nearest seller’s striped

canvass flapping in the breeze

I watched her as she freely browsed

Completely unaware of me in my hiding spot

There’s nothing seemingly important to notice

Just a minute of awareness in a different story

I inhaled the market to retain its look

To remember the surroundings as much as her

The feelings in question leave one hesitant

When the pictures seem flat in the imagination

With their nonexistent examples of how “we” live

But what happens when the sights shift and rearrange;

to become the sole witness to the many forks of reality?

Like a kid watching TV with his face plastered against the screen

The moments pass and then the darkness dissolves…

Is that even possible?


I am grateful for 2015. I hope everyone has a safe and happy transition into the New Year. ❤

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