The Tower


Sitting in her bed with feet drawn up

It’s quiet save for the churning about down below

Her belly’s swollen, bottom skin touching upper thighs

The window is slightly open and yielding

Anthropomorphic moaning of ghostly cries

Transfixed in her study of the spire’s views

She’s mesmerized by the ebb and flow

The great beast itself waving up at the tower’s top to say hello

A braggart creature assuming power with every powerful surge

The force keeping hope balanced with its fierceness

Whispered prayers encircle the space

Her unheard pleas of hope for attention

Fireplace ablaze, the red coals burning through the night

Flickering as the wooden door creaks open

Louder still, as the hinges give way to the excitement

Open-eyes reveal a storm-sodden man hovering in the doorframe

Flaming tendrils reach out to illuminate the faces

Leaving shadows dancing as scattered splotchy shapes

The fiery glow throwing color as if from an artist’s brush

Heavy acrylic dripping to the floor in contentment

He finally returned home


I am grateful for music ❤



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