I wonder



I wonder if we’ve become more concerned with the

Sexiness of beauty instead of the truth of the heart

Where the outline of skin draws more attention by

Mimicking affection and confusing the sanctity of Love

Building crippling relations through the idea of touch and

Aggression as dark as what we’ve assessed to be unthinkable

When the cheap inspection of emotion can only affirm as much

As we claim when forming attachments as nothing more than optional


I am grateful for Tim ❤



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  1. Wow, this really made me think. Everyone is thrilled and excited by the sexiness of beauty, and I hope that it doesn’t overshadow any real feelings that could be possible.
    A beautiful poem. It makes me grateful that I have found my partner, too. Thank you for sharing.

    • As with everything, I think it’s healthy to acknowledge a balance. The desensitization of natural beauty is a growing “awareness” that I believe often leads to harsher societal standards and judgments of how people are supposed* to be. To the point where we try to incorporate this aggressive SEX idea in everything. I think we all like to think of love as this wonderfully, mysterious thing but in actuality, in wanting the unobtainable, we miss out on what’s true. Love vs. Lust / Beauty vs. Sex, it’s all neutral. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you have found someone to share these deeper emotions 🙂

      • You’re right to say that the “sex” idea is aggressive, I think that sums up the way it has morphed into our modern psyche, and that is especially true of young people. A balance must be found, and everyone would be emotionally more fulfilled by it.
        You’re welcome ☺ Thank you reminding me of my good fortune haha!

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