Brown Leather Jacket


​Eyes blink open and close in the brown leather shine

His jacket reflecting off of the nearest yellow road lamp

While the rain falls if only to pursue a companion

Windy whispers chase tussled locks at the intended target

Dense drops slide off his shoulders in damp residue tracks

Huddled and clutching his elbows with white knuckled fists

Heavy hearted expectations channel self and keep one intact


Strong enough to smile back at the few who notice him

Hiding self behind wishes to express every true emotion

He hums an unfinished tune of absent desire in his passion

Cigarette balancing between nicotine stained thumb and forefinger

As each booted footstep reverbs off of the pavement

Swallowed by silence in his moment of contemplation

He wonders if she ever gives him the same consideration

The golden pin attached to the front pocket flap
Shone brighter than the sun at different angles
Not distinguishable through the rain or the subsequent fog
But flashes of intent collect the most of any peripheral

I am grateful for sleep ❤

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