Memories from 8-20-13


Paths 8-20-13

How many paths must we cross,

Must we stumble through;

Guessing which part of the fork is best positioned for the tastiest bite?

To chew on the destination of thoughts that enable blood to pump and flow

Parallel to the bordered trail like a stream;

A continuous reminder of water and the other elements one person needs to survive

Removing the requirements of life and focusing on all that is surrendered

To a compartmentalized pandora’s box

Categorizing important cargo in a wooden reminder of vulnerability

Dried salmon candle wax puddled on the cracked surface

Staining the purity of all that embraces my mind

Doubt 8-20-13

The first stage of doubt:

Being forced to recognize the limitations

Of time and distance

A one hour flight to travel into the depths of mind;

Second guessing position of desire

And what you want

The incessant rain keeps my feet wet, creating

Dirty tracks that lay out the roadmap of the steps carefully placed and manipulated

Just like want and desire?

Knowing the pain to grow stronger with each layer of question, confusion

I sometimes wonder if there’s any strength available for purchase

The expanse between your world and mine is great

I don’t know if I’m capable of ignoring the empty space surrounding

Even though I crave it, I can’t stand being alone

Or, the forgotten thoughts of those who claim ownership

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