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See the Moon


See the Moon



See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loves a boy

See the dimmed street lamp there, it’s almost dark except for that glimmering shine in the air

There is no noise

Only the boy with the guitar who is singing

He knows her name but not what she’s wishing

To be back there with him and the moon and the stars at The Classic, oh it’s so classic

To fall in love with a boy under the stars that shine in his eyes while he’s playing

The music that could make us cry but she just listens

She just listens while he’s singing


See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loves a boy

Another Thursday that’s passed but she’s way across the map

So far away

And she’s there to stay

How many Thursdays in a year will it take her to get back?

It costs too much to ask

Ask him if he really misses her, would she like the answer that he would finally give her?

Give her love so tender, she fell in love at first sight

With the boy, with the guitar who is singing

She fell in love with the green and golden hills, which shimmer with dew under the moon

The moon that watched her while that Irish boy sang his tune

See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loved a boy



I am grateful that I have experienced the magical splendors of the Celtic clan. ❤




The air is stagnant, suffocating my breath

A bitterness halos

Sickness invades the mind, are we lost?

Gravity is the enemy, catching every fall

Nothing satisfies, a vessel empty to be used

It’s a pity we’re not as powerful as we dream

Human-ness betrays the robotic functions of the day

Another tool to be used and then thrown away

To keep my mouth shut and to stare straight ahead, this is my sanction

The twisted thoughts ball up as they’re left unsaid

Afraid to hurt, afraid to honestly portray

I want to be alone when I come undone

There is no one to pacify these feelings in my soul

My body is mine, my mind is out of control

To appease all, to lose a sense of self

I can appreciate their warmth but I can’t handle their guilt

Mirror on the wall of faded glories

Who do you subjectify this evening?

Do their haunts let you forget yours?

Is it because she’s the one they think of?

Or, do they attack the weak?




I am grateful that I had parents who raised me to question everything. ❤