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Hurt So Good


My heart was breaking long before the final blow;

when thoughts became words that wormed their way in

and tried to eat flesh,  to dig down and claim

domination of the basic foundation of soul

Where north was south and east was west,

forgetting time existed and fighting back moments of

seeing into the depths of hell

the darkest chamber of grief, guilt, hate, etc.

all of the negative desires that derive out of passion;

Painful yet numbing

So unnatural from any human feeling at all

beyond comparison to the worst physical

touch; the mind always hurts more

Escaping movie reel flashbacks of scenes so

hauntingly clear, forgetting becomes more of a job

than any kind of shift work

Muscles strain where I’ve never felt them before

Senses fail at the briefest of vulnerabilities

of bothering to go over these disgusting narratives,


There’s no such thing as a love that can hurt so good



I am grateful for these last few months ❤