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Gravel Road


Blindly walking down the gravel road
Outlined in wavering oak trees mixed in with pines
I count each forward step, grateful for the movement
Thankful to have the strength to be standing at all
The random rocks scattered below foot
Offer an uncomfortable pathway to travel
Carefully avoiding sharp edges protruding from the dirt
Sucking in breath as one quick glance fails to notice the pointy canine of a monster
Fangs out, hungry for flesh
Bloodthirsty stranger claiming ownership
Gouging the arch of my left foot, leaving a trail of blood behind.

I am grateful for this weekend! ❤



I am suffocating in a hazy fog in the heavens of make-believe 

Where there are only words; 

No feelings, no emotions;

It’s torturing me.

Am I the naive damsel who is afraid of a life of monsters that

devour the devoted?

The devil doesn’t care, as long as he disarms the chosen.

I’ve lost this game to him before;

Lost precious years.

So I’m sent a knight in shining armor,

to be rescued.

Why is my angel of redemption the one who is unavailable?

Who is more fascinated by the chase but not the girl.

A master of deception hidden by the blazing metal,

Who can tell his lover that he can’t love her because

the world is too hard to handle.

A knight who sees a pretty tavern wench with healing scars.

Pink markings of tainted flesh that only ever

make the monsters hungry.



I am grateful for the constant development in understanding acceptance. ❤