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Memories and Reflections


Standing on the hill with a random breeze catching on
His strawberry hair ruffled and soft to the touch;
Succumbing to the force within the currents of the wind

The sun and the moon endure their usual aversion of each other
As they sit on their thrones to enjoy the splendor below;
Loving the thoughtless creatures of mortal limitations

Of this one in particular pretending magnificence

(As a peaceful representation of living in perfect harmony
and fighting the fear of indifference
while promoting beauty in the uncertainty,
or at least the everyday moments that the
World can be too busy to notice)

As the ordinary miracles catches his attention;
A man of notice and the gifts of perception

Breathing in the reality tasted by the events determined
From the recordings of the subjects in question;
Their memories and reflections of them

She’s Not Me

I heard all of the rumors and

The messages that she sent

I thought maybe I was her but

She showed me that we’re different

Her wounds bound her together and

Although they seemed similar

I knew that I was only myself, that

She was not me but someone else

Another drifter saying the same things

Thinking the same thoughts day to day

Except she claims to see more

As if she knows the future

Or maybe bits and pieces of our

Memories shaped together


I’ve got the fire burning in my belly

My heart is pumping strong

There’s a few words I’ve been thinking

That lay balanced on my tongue

I thought you were my brother

I called you my best friend

But at the first chance you got

You shoved a dagger into my back
Supposed Friends


Calling all supposed friends!

Oh where Oh where have y’all been?

I’ve found myself among the wolves

Their howls keep calling me home under the moon

Have I died and been gifted a life reborn?

I woke up soaking wet and standing alone

Dripping droplets of their bitter scorn

Leaving puddles of poison on the floor

The grass is always greener in this war

Battles of greed to keep us wanting more

You can claim all of the fields of clover

A fake reign won’t live on forever

I am grateful for lost thoughts ❤

I Sleep


I Sleep

The unpredictable scenario of

scattered checkered boxes of

trees, crops, houses, roads, cities

Every outline seen as a view into the life below

With the imperfect slices of bodies of water

Curvy strands branched out across

the land

Until meeting together in

lakes, ponds, rivers, sounds, oceans

Changing quickly underneath

Unnoticed, as the attention to detail is not as focused

Other senses claiming victor of the current state

of flight;

of mind

A journey in the night, wandering

above treetops, and

whatever else

is stumbling about

Companions to a lonely beast

Hungry for the instinct to keep

flying forward;

or right to left,

sky to ground,

Skimming the surface of one of the

random pools of water;

mirroring the sky,

silver from the darkness

reflecting the moon above

To get a quick drink, or a delicious

bite to eat

Maybe chance a glance at the

furry face in front of me

Slightly distorted by the motion

from the ups and downs

Feeling the touch of sustenance

sliding over nose

Cool, the wetness leaving a residual glove

until air has wiped it away

Lifting up, mouth full and

body light in contentment

the steady push of cold air gliding over

eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tongue

Sucking in the fresh air forcing

its way into lungs

A numbing embrace of throat

to help concentrate the breath

Until wings become heavily satisfied with

the path of flight

Slowly making way to cave or tree

Watching sunrise morning after each evening

then hiding from the vulnerabilities

of the day

When the rest of the world

explores the places that I’ve seen,

I sleep.


I am grateful for this summer, it is much needed ❤

Dear Child


My tears fall down



Draining my soul

as I think it does

What can be said about

the monsters of this land;

From a time before we were

promised the mystical “everything”

and nothing but a happy ending?

My tongue’s cut out and

wrapped up in bloodstained linen

My eyes sewn shut while

my wrists are bound tight together

I tried, Dear Child

to stay alive long enough

to fight

But there are those who

choose to be the wiser

of this world

Sacrificing it all for the

perfect escape from truth

Blinded by expectations of brightness

while we all drown in the light;

begging for blackness

The power lies within the

weight of our pockets and

not within the weightlessness

of our minds.


I am grateful for the many faces of humility ❤









Favorite First Memory


A night of music and dancing for all
of us, grouped together and lit up like
a neon troop of fireflies
The full moon lounging overhead
Convincing the crowd below to stay alive
Tempting the masses to escape reality and

tackling the human desire of living in the moment
As if united on cue, there you were
And then, we were, two silhouettes hiding from the

nosy celestial watcher of the dark sky
You were lying on your back, hands folded behind your head
With me, resting together on the bare tent floor
I sat up, almost overwhelmed by the intensity of

the simplicity in the moment
and how perfect it was
As I fiddled with my excuses to catch my breath, I froze
Suspended into a slow reel of the scene of the

man in front of me with

his eyes closed
In the shadows of our retreat I could see that you were smiling
Time stood still, as did any other thought to think, other than

the musings of you and the

feelings of now
You were a face of happiness in its perfection
I wanted it, to feel it, in every sense of the word
Even you, unaware as I continued to stare; greedy eyes

tracing the outlines of all of the

features to remember

Never guessing that this meeting would not be

our only time together, as I
Focused on another long enough for

my layers of barriers to falter
I laid down, unable to remain distant as an abstract of you; willing to
risk vulnerabilities and give into the pleasure ignited

by the connection of your touch
Hypnotized, I caressed your lips with my own imitation of them
Exploring a blending of minds unknown but of souls colliding
Two beings humbled by the moon still watching the

pair relating on the experience and on the passion
Offering them one night of chances to begin something new…

I am grateful for Bobby ❤

On, Off


Bare flesh, lightly visible in the moon’s spark of the black night

Standing before the massive outline of shapely treetops

darkened purpled by the densely expanse of an unknown

Staring into the depths as if looking into its genius, the creator of it all

without seeing to confirm the visual awareness of surroundings

feeling more emotion from the darkness as it demands attention by

sucking out light to anything that crosses the

boundary of shadows; dictator to all of the nightly critters, those

egotistical orators claiming the highest pitch of the chorus

to offer his or her version of story to the world


All of this, as I gaze out through the field

A grassy plain isolated, vulnerable to any watchful eye

A lamp goes on there, and then turns back off

on, off, on, off, on;

Proudly illuminating the nearest blanket of grass

trying to demand some of the night for itself

Covering its land in a hauntingly shade of yellow

only enhanced by the purity of each blade,

and again off


Now pale, dimmed within the natural light of the moon

Creating a normal hue to walk through

without feeling the suffocating grip of man

Low flying clouds churn out an embraceable

wind, that collapsed within the cloth;

protecting my skin from the harshness of touch

A kiss upon brow, satisfied

that sacrificing anything else

would kill the magic of the current

flow, frumpling feathers and giving

flight to the creatures above,



Masking identity behind palms

out, sheltering others as much as

isolating self

A cluster of memories to ruffle the

tendrils of every curly strand

Each one grasping on to a single thread

of thought attached

Highlights set aglow by flashes of


Trying to imitate the stars overhead and

all of their tinkle tinkling

A trendy scene for a fairytale themed movie or play

With characters to love and

characters to hate

For moments of happiness and a few

remembrances of the bitter

unfortunate periods of sadness

Even those times of numb stoicness, where

giving only all to self and shutting down

any honest part of the truth, is easier than

being alive at all

A question of validation to never be answered but

to continually be pondered, because there are

always two sides to every thought

As there are to every random misplaced impulsive

reaction to any kind of sensation,



Is this what you want? I implore you;

ask, as you might demand the answer

if given the opportunity,



I think to offer surrender, like an adolescent of angst

forsaking all responsibilities and

tempting fate into showing face

Crying wolf and risking the emptiness of the

other side of faith, as it is

now but I don’t know how I could ever bear

the possibility of the worst kind of confirmation

That this is all we’ve got

I’ve resolved myself to hope, to suggest that it’s not;



I am grateful for playing in the light and the dark; it is what we make it. ❤

Nights and Days


Skin inflamed in sunshine, radiating in a pinkish hue of fleshy human porcelain reflecting in the summer’s glow
An intensity of warmth penetrating beneath the layers, traveling into the very core of being
The sun of the sky can shine so bright
As a lover of light to humble the moon
The trading of their roles of ownership and authority; balancing out the shadows of the world
Giving motion to the flow of life and the days and nights one is awake to see;
How one perceives the random life lessons, how we are all forever learning
Continuing this idea of education and exploring the different methods available to express,
Whether hidden behind a writer’s language and his or her own estimate of the ways of the world,
As if the sun shared his insight by burning, his fiery touch placed upon our heads
A kiss of passion based on the personal inflictions of an emotional soul
Infecting the minds and tightly embracing each tongue
As we wait for the chill of the night to cool a swollen mouth
For the Bella Luna to cover fire and temporarily snuff it out
Clearing the smoke and shaping air
A willful mother offering whispers on the wind of hope and encouragement
Speaking of a loyalty as consistent as the transition of the nights into the days.

I am grateful for laying out on a beautiful day! ❤


See the Moon


See the Moon



See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loves a boy

See the dimmed street lamp there, it’s almost dark except for that glimmering shine in the air

There is no noise

Only the boy with the guitar who is singing

He knows her name but not what she’s wishing

To be back there with him and the moon and the stars at The Classic, oh it’s so classic

To fall in love with a boy under the stars that shine in his eyes while he’s playing

The music that could make us cry but she just listens

She just listens while he’s singing


See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loves a boy

Another Thursday that’s passed but she’s way across the map

So far away

And she’s there to stay

How many Thursdays in a year will it take her to get back?

It costs too much to ask

Ask him if he really misses her, would she like the answer that he would finally give her?

Give her love so tender, she fell in love at first sight

With the boy, with the guitar who is singing

She fell in love with the green and golden hills, which shimmer with dew under the moon

The moon that watched her while that Irish boy sang his tune

See the moon so bright, hanging out to watch tonight

The girl who loved a boy



I am grateful that I have experienced the magical splendors of the Celtic clan. ❤