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The Last Chapter


Permanently stamping the bold letters that spell out “The End”

Realization, that you could wait until after the completion of the last chapter.

What will you do when you remember what it means to be a man, to be human, and feel the guilt resonating from the bottom of heel to each of your sweaty palms?
To allow yourself the freedom to hide your faces behind the random psalms, 
organized attention and commitments of social importance,
So that no one can see the many personalities available for view and for purchase;
A kind of fake love offered to the highest bidder
To watch you climb up the social ladder, 
Trying to soar higher than all of us who could never compare
As you scout the land for an Utopian spot with the greenest grass,
Examine every blade until you’re sure it’s better than all of the rest
All of the while anchoring yourself down to expectations that 
Will haunt you in your sleep, in your dreams, memories that you’ll one day regret
Shutting down any ounce that’s left of acknowledgement,
Encouraging each step towards forgetting what it means to live, to love
To self-reflect and see in yourself that being square will always be enough.
Sitting here with a bucket of rocks, throwing out each memory like smooth rainbow colored skipping stones
Letting go of the only piece of yourself that you left me with,
The questioning, the wondering if you ever loved me at all.

I am grateful for the selfless, constantly happy people that I can call my friends. ❤