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Purple veins throbbing through the river to the damaged heart

Slightly pumping, but so close to failing

There is no one around for life support

Is there no one who can offer life?


Sickness sets the jaundice skin on fire

A putrid stench that carries the rain home

Flies, vultures, pigs, they’re all alike

The soul’s melting flesh drips off into the trough

How much more can they eat? Forever, it’s not enough


We fade away into hidden faces and numbers

We ignore the hope that screams when we all come together

Afraid to stand up, afraid to be targeted

But already, we all walk around with a bullseye

Centered in our chests, it often beats for attention


Each one slowly falls, demanding retribution and death

And the grim reaper feeds on the hope in our breaths

Our wrists are tied with the thorny branches from the garden

Death slithers in as the light is forgotten

The devils always promise that we’ll live until tomorrow

But what a risk we take to sell ourselves as slaves


Where is our Father, has he forgotten?

Don’t give us life so that we can rot at the bottom

We’ve created our own zombies that wake up to sorrow

Breakable souls that tried so hard not to lose their way

Humans are weak and penetrable

Those who remain alive are motivated by greed


We stay afraid to remember how to feel

But it’s our choice to believe in what’s real

As I lay here, I consider fighting but with a pen

They’ll have to kill me to keep me silent

Finally, I am not afraid but then reality sets in

I could write my history for the person behind me

A timeless tale it will tell

About the time when humanity fell

And how we had to give up to survive…


I am grateful for my childhood spent in the woods of North Carolina. ❤


Pin Cushion



Pin Cushion

A fine point is sharpened
Kept up, to never lessen the blow
Its target awaits in uncertainty
Soft to the touch, vulnerable
First one strike, and then another
The needles penetrate
Killing me now, they cover
A pin cushion full

I am grateful for new opportunities. ❤