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Eerily quiet

In a way that escapes the modern ear,


A blank canvas filled in with white

A bold emptiness inviting anyone

to create a mark

Or to fill a hole

Whether the colors resemble anything

remotely perceptible

Some, hear the saxophone lulling into the night

With a heavy heart of understanding

outlined in the pinkish hue of love

The echoes vibrating off of the porcelain keys

A duet of hauntingly beautiful music

to complement the mood

Others, afraid of the uncertain

See darkness in nothing at all

No direction nor meaning

No sound, no saturation, no feelings

A mysterious sullen shade of

shadows and silhouettes

Misunderstood, perhaps

Wintertime is merely the feminine

shifting of emotions

Of acknowledging the

empathy for the differences that unify

everyone of us

A season of physical touch and self-awareness;

A memory of warmth and of the

glowing sun.

I am grateful for  John Coltrane’s “Everytime We Say Goodbye” ❤



Father change opened his mouth

to let out a calming hum to float throughout

Everyone and anyone

Connecting on the individual vibrations of attention


The trees, being more perceptible

to these kind of things,

Offered up their only response:

Each leaf changing color, as its

only defense mechanism,

or sacrificing last strength to be remembered


Bravely portraying its magnificence

and the understanding in showing

the wonderful beauty of wisdom

Coming to terms with it, just as the lesson

has been learned;

against dying


The winter howls will soon begin

to loosen their lungs

Big grumbling gusts of power

to rip each leaf from limb

Leaving the trees barren

and the ground afire


Until the death of color

merges with the plain variety of the different

figures and shapes, an indescribable

brown color that encompasses variants in the shade

United again, first living but now in the great hereafter;

When existence means being only one


But then life will start over;

as it always seems to do

sprouts forming stronger from raging fires

As the sun begins to shine warmer


I am grateful to be able to experience the season of fall ❤

Beautiful Death


Beautiful Death



Watch the sparkle shining so quietly

There is no sound except the wind and me

Tiptoe across the fragile shell

One false step and down I fell

To an underwater winter wonderland

I can’t scream or even begin to comprehend

The silent echoing singing through the space

The vibrations swim up to caress my face

There is so much beauty to this lost place

A world undiscovered, a land to remain chaste

My eyes are only able to wander

I don’t know how long I’ve been under

I guess I finally know where this ends

I’m all alone here in this beautiful death

Chills prickle up and into me

My numbness escapes to the freeze

Floating life forms begin to take shape

Trapping me down without a trace

Temptation to breathe encircles me

The only escape is now an icy sheet

Pointless struggles to reach the top

Finally giving up, I begin to fall

Dust settles after I’ve hit the bottom

I’m on the inside, there will be no tomorrow

My eyes are frozen wide open

Sparkles shining so quietly already forgotten

My hair still moves to a rhythm

Undiscovered to me as I lose my lungs

The last bubbles escape and float to the top

Making impressions on the ice but it’s still not enough.



I am grateful that I live in a region that experiences all four seasons. I can’t wait for spring! ❤