Insert Title XI


It’s a long drive home but I don’t mind
Sunset orange splashes can make any town look pretty
With its cat scratched clouds glowing pink within the crevices
I can feel it when close but for those who don’t know they
See tall, tall pine trees that crowd all roads leading to
Any and every destination of being absolutely nowhere

There’s a lit up cross on the hillside
That watches over the highway at night
I think about it sometimes as I lay awake
When dream stays away
I can’t help but imagine those who built it
This shining beacon of intent

Claiming Jesus is the answer
From the hope of others on…
the path to salvation!
They sacrifice life for promises
In their waiting for death
Now heavy is the black water
Flooding the world again
We drive by this symbol of blood

made out of metal and wires
Those otherwise unconcerned

letting emotions run dry
Who rules the life of the dead?
Yes, only those who are self possessed
Cutting in line to show true devotion,
Claiming last drops of grape juice during communion

Just to
Complete the sacred ritual practiced
One Sunday every month

A cold wind knocked me out
You know, I didn’t hear a sound
I feel it all
No one would ever know.
I wouldn’t ask you to break
I don’t need an escape
It’s only you when reality fades
They’re gone, no words left to say.
(c) You live a while, you try too hard x2
When the sun goes down and it gets real cold, you pinch yourself so you’re not alone
When you love a while you try too.
Such an odd way to go on
You know I could never love anyone else
I see all of you
Don’t go, I’ll be here real soon

Oh death
You had me
All wrapped up
Like a present to give on Christmas
Wooden little boxes,
Coffin dreams at the ready
The last year, oh yea
I think you really had me
But I’m here now
Dirty and bruised,
A little weathered
I know my place,
Not in the ground with you
It’s the simple things
That keep awake each day
And all there is
Is maybe enough

Sometimes, I get so confused
When the ache burns on and on
And I know there’s no hope left
Is it real..maybe it’s not..we’ll never know
I thought I saw you in my dreams
When you told me to wake up
Now I’m left with haunting memories
About a time and place that never was
(c)If this is how it should be, how could I let myself believe?
I never asked you for anything, just a little love for me
Sometimes when I finally stop thinking
I find myself wanting you a little
At one time, it must have been perfect
Or maybe it wasn’t

Of you 11.13
I saw it then, a new born utopia
Glowing radiance in your love
Feeling pain of my own
With the differences helping identify self
The river washed the rain away
In my euphoria of you
In you, looking through myself in a much needed recall of lost information
Strobing blue lights catching attention
Before the next song starts and thoughts wander
Exploring, exploding…seeking and
Feeling at peace, or at least stable in a new understanding
Grounding self with the very mind that took it all away;
abandoned when most vulnerable.
If I could tell you I would, and so much more than I know
The phoenix rises, a star is born
Imagining what I’ve become
What I am in every memory, thought, premonition
The universe gives birth, then a rebirth occurs…over and over again
So you can understand my confusion
Relate to my sense of belonging but never fitting in
It’s a weird place, this underneath and between the layers
You never know who you might find or which one of yourselves will come to surface
I think I’ll try this one out for a while

I am grateful for city lights ❤️


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