Monthly Archives: April 2018



The picture outlived a memory of first interpretation;
Framing itself into the center corridors in the middle of it all
They say a picture is worth,well…whatever amount sounds agreeable to you

But what I see(n) doesn’t add
up to anything to me now

Temptation consumes; must hoard
feelings – must hold onto remembering

A white ramp leads up to a view
of an ocean city;

The building sitting high in
the center in the middle of it all

Filled with emotions; talking
then laughter…worried chatter

They know me as I know them,
whether we recognize the other (or not)

Desire burns; must believe in
something – must expand reality

I get lost in hallways lined
with mirrors and doors;

In the central core of the
structure in the middle of it all

Direction of intent masked by my
reflected confused glances

Here I am; must keep dreaming – must retain self



Casey Weldon

Distant relations sit in waiting, eyeing the fray in astute attention

Denigrating their young for want of substance while toasting to their fill;

bottom’s up!

If not desire – you, y’all, youse guys – announce
naiveté in all steps forward;

graciously forgiving in your all-knowing published analyses:

left hand(s) holding
magnifying glass, right hand(s) smudged red in discontent…

How lucky one is to feel
present, to mature in blooming ecstasy!

Admired by the
collective witness; pieces of bouquet laid to waste in a

passerby’s pretty petal

The sun – hanging above soapbox
– in a state of egocentric pining;

woke in its awareness of
absolute necessity:

rebuking others’ flutterings
while savoring the understanding

They’ve said there’s a
fool’s will that keeps the light shining

Or perhaps, an innocence
in the depths of the frequencies a buzzin’

We travel deep – fingernails
extended from wing – scratching into an ethereal sense of purpose;

make-believing coincidence
after each last word has been written

Louder yet, metallic cries
continue to silent the patronage:

Flying, failing; a
traveler seeking only to feel self in a familiar existence

I am grateful for Spring