Monthly Archives: May 2015



There are no feelings within

the Walls of the mind

Complete thoughts firing synapses

through flesh and muscle
The brain functions as a
mechanical device
housing memories like a computer
constantly downloading
worthless data
Secret storage spaces of environmental
and instinctual reactions
That guide the responses of self from subconscious afflictions to
Questions we ask ourselves over and over
Age isn’t a relevant factor within
The epiphany
Only the progressing stages of heartache and pain do we recognize
Chapters building up to tell a shaded view of the stories
This idea of a place for the outcasts to introduce the variety of life that exist outside the Walls
And what that means to the World
The Bastards of situational learning
who hide behind the understanding of
the obtainment of ‘knowledge’
Choosing choice and creation as a
slave to temptation of beauty
Or something like it
The breathers of life
The shadows of death
Legions of heavy heads contemplating
every thought
When the mind goes from basic functioning
and dips into the layers within
We forget / We forget / We forget
I am grateful for sunny afternoons with good tunes ❤