Burning Down the Castle Walls


The view is pointy
The picture is tall
This magnificent structure
Built stone by stone
Gray blocks of power and wealth
Shielding the sun
Covering halls in darkness
The damp collection of memories, treasures
Decorating the coldness within…

One day, a loose ember set ablaze
The flowered curtains and rugs covering rock
Igniting the impenetrable from within
Burning down the castle walls
The view is open
The picture is endless
Another dawn rises on the lawn
Hearts claim ownership of the land
Ruling the new beginnings


I am grateful for a couple of days off ❤

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  1. So much for rebuilding the castle! Nonetheless, the resulting vision is far more liberating. I particularly like the line “Igniting the impenetrable from within”, it speaks of hope in the face of that which is seemingly set in stone. Great job.

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